Monday, April 16, 2012

Capzles Timelines

My 8th grade History teacher wanted his students to create a timeline of some Civil War events.  For one of the events, he wanted the students to do an eye witness account.  It's the eyewitness account video that led me to Capzles.

Capzles is billed as a Social Storytelling site.  Students can upload pictures, videos and documents.  Capzles also creates a URL that they can email their teacher for grading.  Students do have to be registered with a unique email but they don't have to verify their membership through the email.

Our students had 7 events to choose from.  For 6 they found images and had to add information from their research and History notes to the image.  For the 7th, they recorded an eyewitness account.   First, they wrote a script that was approved by their teacher.  Next, they recorded their script using PhotoBooth (we're a Mac school).  They uploaded their PhotoBooth video into their Capzles.

For the eyewitness accounts, I set up 4 recording stations with laptops.  I have 2 science fair boards that are cut in half.  I put a laptop and a board on a desk to create a semi-private recording studio.  Students worked on their Capzle until their teacher sent them to record.  Our network is set up so that students can sync their work to their network account.  All they had to do was sync and their movie was in their documents folder and ready to upload to Capzles.

The project took 2 days in the computer lab and went very smoothly.  I did register the students for their account ahead of time to save lab time.  If you have your students create their own account, you may need to add some extra time.  I did create a how to sheet for the students. Click here to download the how to sheet.

Have you used Capzles?  What kind of projects did your students create?  Let me know how it goes!


  1. We LOVE capszles @ in our district, love your How To Sheet! Here is a capzle one of my 7th graders made Unfortunately they didn't have a how to sheet and it was one of many tools they had a choice of using. A few students took it on then taught everyone else!


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