Thursday, October 11, 2012

Edcamp Dallas

Edcamp Dallas on Saturday, September 29, 2012 and I still can't get my mind around everything I learned.  It was an awesome day of teacher-led professional development.

First, let me tell you a bit about the Edcamp movement.  Edcamps are unconferences held all over the world.  When you arrive at Edcamp there is a huge board of available locations but the sessions are blank.  That's right, no schedule of speakers beforehand.  That could make my little overplanning OCD heart skip a beat but I went with it.  You can learn more about Edcamp on their wiki

Back to Edcamp Dallas.  It was held at Coppell HS.  That's a hike for me and it was raining that day so I arrived frazzled.  I was excited but also nervous.  I knew there would be people I knew from Twitter there but I had not met any of them in real life.  I'm an extroverted introvert which means I can be outgoing when I'm comfortable but until I'm comfortable, I'm a bit nervous. All that to say, that I couldn't think of anything to present about it until half way through the first session. 

My first session was by @ipadsammy about Web 2.0 tools.  The session was awesome. The thing about Edcamp is that someone is leading the session but everyone is participating.  Jon showed us a lot of great tools but the participants added information too.

My second session was by @akbusybee about using technology in a multiability classroom.  Andrea is a whirlwind.  The things she does in her class are amazing.  Check out her blog here. 

I went to lunch at Rosa's with a great group of people I follow and learn from on Twitter. It was a good time and the food was YUMMO.  Flour tortillas with each meal, you know I'm in!

After lunch I attended a session by @the_drama_coach on student relationships.  He also does so amazing things and really connects with his students.  He gave me a lot of great ideas. 

The highlight of the day was the Smackdown at the end.  The last session, everyone comes back together.  A line forms at the front and whoever wants to goes up and shares an idea, website, app, anything.  It was awesome!

I highly recommend attending an Edcamp.  I learned so much and had a great time meeting my twitter peeps.  If you're in Texas Edcamp Waller is set for the spring.  Learn more about it here. 

Here's the Edcamp Dallas wiki page. You can see the session lists and resources.  Definitely check out the of the Smackdown ideas. 

Thanks for the Edcamp Dallas organizers: @matt_gomez @8amber8 @mikingpd @jessica_branch

And here's a video by @ipadsammy