Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lunch 'n Learn

I'm back at it!  After my last blog post in October, my youngest son got sick then I got the flu.  Everyone is back up to playing strength and ready to start this new year.

One of my goals for this year is to be a better blogger.   I received some great advice from my awesome twitter friends Paul Wagner and Jaime Vandergrift.  I have a schedule, a list of topics and I'm off and rolling....

Something new I'm trying with my campus this year is Lunch 'n Learn.  I did one Lunch 'n Learn last year when we wanted the staff to sign up for Twitter.  I did my first session of this new year last week and it was a great success.

This Lunch 'n Learn was the idea of our academic administrator.  Our Special Education department mentioned Class Dojo in a newsletter. I, of course, commented back to everyone that it was super easy and fun to use.  Many teachers jumped on the bandwagon and tried it out.  The purpose of the Lunch 'n Learn was to introduce Class Dojo to those who had not started using it and let those who had used it share best practices.

Lunch is fun together    

Here are my tips for a successful Lunch 'n Learn:
  1. Give plenty of advance notice to teachers, but not too much.  You don't want it to be so far off that they forget.
  2. Try to schedule on a 'light' day at school (is there such a thing?!?) so teachers don't feel so stressed.
  3. Offer to purchase lunch, if possible.  My AA provided pizza, teachers provided their own drinks.  That worked out wonderfully!
  4. Ask teachers to sign up so you know who to expect and how much food to purchase.  We sent out a Google form.  Now we also have a record of who signed up.
  5. Ask teachers to sign in as they arrive.  Maintain your records, prove your worth!
  6. As the facilitator, don't plan too much.  Lunch is a short period.  You wouldn't be able to start right away as everyone gets their food and settles.  Give an overview of a tool, don't try to teach specifics.  
  7. Leave time for sharing and questions.  Nothing is more frustrating than spending your lunch learning something and leave confused.
  8. Let teachers know the next step.  Are you available to work one on one to help them implement the new tool?  
 I am planning more LnLs for my staff. I'm also hoping to schedule some for the students.  I'll keep you posted.

Have you hosted a Lunch 'n Learn? Have you attended a Lunch 'n Learn?  What made it worth your time? Share your tips in the comments!

Photo Credit: By the George Eastman House posted on Flickr

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  1. Great idea and love that you put your little tips in there as well. I need to give these a try. Maybe instead of Lunch and Learn (not in budget) I can so a "Snack n' Session". I can afford some candy or snacks! :o)


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