Monday, February 25, 2013

Dropbox = LRE?

Least Restrictive Environment - can we use technology to help provide our special education students a LRE?  Of course we can! And one of my favorite ways is Dropbox.  Especially when I can pair Dropbox with an iPad or other device.

Let's say a student's IEP calls for you to provide notes.  But let's also say that this student isn't particularly organized so she loses the note before the end of the unit.  

Enter the magic of Dropbox.  Set up a folder and share it with the student.  Drop the notes into the folder.  SHAA-BAM! She's got the notes!

Let's also say she has the good fortune of having a mobile device.  She can load the Dropbox app (available for iOS, Android and Blackberry).  Now she has the notes where ever she goes.  

And in one fail swoop she's gone from being the kid who needs the notes given to her to the kid that has the notes on her device.  LRE and added coolness - DOUBLE SHAA-BAM!

But why stop there?  Offer access to any student with a mobile device.  Now you're a hero.

If you need more information about Dropbox cloud based storage, click here.

What are some other ways you use Dropbox or other cloud based storage with your students?

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  1. Dropbox is also very good for sharing out tutorial videos. Use Doodlecast Pro or a comparable app to create your tutorial, then upload it to Dropbox. Send it out to any device with Dropbox.


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