Monday, March 18, 2013

Changes afoot...

Welcome to the new and improved Plugged In Educator! I've added two handy tabs: Staff Development and Conference Presentations. Let me tell you the story....

I'm what I like to call an Extroverted Introvert.  I'm basically an introvert but when I'm comfortable, I can be extroverted.  I like to be extroverted in small groups.  Last May I stepped out of my comfort zone and presented at the Region 10 technology conference.  Then in February, I stepped out again and presented twice at the Technology Applications Teachers Network at TCEA.  At the end of February I presented at meeting of districts called the Community Schools Transformation Alliance.  The point of all this is that I loved it out there - out of my comfort zones.

After these presentations, I've had some inquiries about providing staff development for other districts.  So, here I am stepping out of my comfort zone again and promoting myself.  On the Staff Development tab you can find a list of available workshops.  Customized workshops are also available.

I'm coming to understand that my personality type doesn't matter.  What matters is my WHY.  My WHY is helping.  What matters is my love for what I do.  I love sharing best practices with teachers. I love linking technology and curriculum.  I love helping them become better teachers.

Because better teachers are what's best for students.

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