Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Video Grading

Before I started planning this year's summer staff development, I went to each department and actually asked "What do you want to learn?" Imagine that! Student directed learning.  I'm working hard to apply my good teaching strategies to my teachers.

The ELA teachers wanted to work on flipped lessons and video/online grading.  I'll blog about the flipped lesson creation later in the week.  In the Spring, we created online writing portfolios for all our students using Google Drive.  Video and online grading was the next logical step.  We had already worked on grading in Drive so I decided to focus on video grading.  

The first step was to instal Jing on all their computers. Actually, let me back up.  I wanted each teacher to work on her own computer in her own room.  I felt they'd be more comfortable and they would be set up for the school year.  We all signed up for Google + and I sent them to their rooms.  I ran from room to room helping them installed the Google Hangout Plug In and getting ready.  Then I went back to my computer and invited them all to a Hangout on Air.  Since this was our first Hangout experience, I did not start broadcasting.  (Broadcasting will automatically record the Hangout and send it to your YouTube account.)

Once we were all in the Hangout, I shared my screen with them.  They had 2 browser windows open so they could watch and do at the same time.  We went to www.techsmith.com to download and instal the Jing application.  

Next we opened a student document in Google Drive.  Students have shared their writing portfolio documetns with teachers in the Spring.  We selected the window and started recording. The teachers provided feedback to the students on the video.  They were able to select and click on certain sentences and tell students what they thought.  After they finished recording, they selected the option to upload to www.screencast.com. Then Jing starts it's magic.  After it's uploaded you get a message like this:

Teachers then go back to the Google Drive document and click Comment.  Inside the comment, they paste the link.  It will look like this:
Students will get a notification that a new comment has been added.  They open their document and watch the video.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  

My favorite comment of the day was "I'm not grading on paper anymore. This was way easier and faster."  And that, my friends, is an #eduwin

What do you think?  Seem doable?  Have questions? Let me hear from you in the comments!


  1. This is great, Aimee! Thanks for the TechSmith and Jing shout outs! Sounds like you're doing awesome stuff with your teachers. Is school still in session or are you prepping for next year? We'd love to hear more about how you're incorporating technology into the classrooms!

    Jessie LaHaie, Online Community Specialist for the TechSmith Education Team
    Twitter: @TechSmithEDU

  2. I am so going to do this in the coming year...you can also use Voice Comment inside of Google docs to leave audio comments. I would love to use Jing and can on my school computer, but we are moving toward Chromebooks and they cannot use Jing or other screen capture software, but you can do a Google Hangout on Air and post it...that is the best workaround I have found...great stuff!


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