Friday, July 5, 2013

1 iPad classroom training


The iPad has revolutionized lots of things. I credit iPad apps with helping my son become verbal. Is a very powerful tool. Ideally, it's a personal tool. An iPad in every student's hands would be great. But, it's just tool. And great teachers use the all tools they have to create an outstanding learning environment.

It's summer, I had the pleasure of training 17 teachers at my school on the iPad and the 1 iPad classroom. The training itself was fun. The teachers were excited and ready to learn. I was stressed. I am a prolific iPad user but I had never lead a session on its use in a 1 iPad classroom. I had done a lot of research and had tons of ideas. That was the problem. I didn't want to overwhelm them. 

So, I focused on getting them started and leaving them excited. We discussed:

  • Expectations/responsibilities
  • Settings
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Apps
  • Evernote
  • Class Management
  • App Investigation 

I gave teachers plenty of time to investigate apps. My teachers are able to use their own Apple ID. They were provided with 14 district purchased apps (purchased through VPP) and given a $30 gift card to purchase apps for their rooms. We're a small school. There's only 1 teacher per subject per grade level so it doesn't make financial sense to purchase content specific apps through VPP. We do have a google doc where the teachers will rate and review the apps they purchase with their gift card. 

I also curated several resources for them:
Stich It webpages
Below are 2 PDFs:
1 iPad Classroom - my keynote for the day
Free Apps QR Codes - exactly what you think :) also includes a link to the Teacher Agreement

Do you have resources for a 1 iPad Classroom? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter

Remember to focus on the curriculum or the standard to be taught not the tech! 

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