Saturday, July 6, 2013

Twitter Power

I have been overwhelmed this weekend by the power of Twitter. Earlier this week I was able to participate in a Google Hangout about blogging. Read more about that here.

Now all weekend, I've seen others announce their new blogs and discuss their desire to blog. What has made my heart happy is all the encouragement. New bloggers are being encouraged by seasoned bloggers. Reluctant bloggers are being encouraged to get moving. Seasoned bloggers are sharing their wisdom with us all and being encouraged to keep up the good work.

That is the power of Twitter. Twitter has allowed me to build a PLN (Personal Learning Network). Most of these educators are interested in technology integration. They are welcoming and encouraging. They get me. They are my tribe.

 If you haven't join Twitter yet, I'd encourage you to do so post haste! You'll find someone like you who is willing to share ideas.

 If you're on Twitter but don't feel connected, SPEAK UP! Reply to another person's tweet. Stick your neck out there, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The best way to feel more connected is to participate in a Twitter chat. #TXED is every Wednesday night at 8:30 CST. Cybrary Man has an extensive list of educational twitter chats here.


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