Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hitting the Target: creating standards focused technology lessons

Last night I had the privilege of doing a Google Hangout with Michelle Russell to discuss her upcoming teacher trainings.  We were brainstorming and an idea that had knocking around in my brain came together.

I have been thinking about a graphic to show teachers how to plan a technology based lesson.  When I work with teachers I want to ensure that we are creating lessons that focus on the curriculum standards. Last night the idea of a bullseye came to me during my hangout with Michelle.  This afternoon I created the following graphic.

Start center of the bullseye - Identify the standard.  What are you teaching?  For example, Students will make connections across literary genres.

Move to the center ring - Decide what mastery of the standard looks like.  What are students doing when they are making connections across genres?  

Finally, go to the outer ring - Choose the tool. The tool should allow students to demonstrate that they have mastered the standards.  In this example that they can make connections across genres.  The tool should wrap it all up, pull it all together.  

So, what do you think?  Would this tool be useful to you and your teachers?


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