Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One step closer to paperless

I have a confession...I love to write. Like pen and paper write. I order new Mr Skitch smelly markers to start the new school year. Children (my own or the ones I teach) are only allowed to use year old markers. I carry a zipper bag of different colored pens.

I have tried to go paperless with my iPad. But I miss the sensation of writing. So I downloaded Penultimate app and got a stylus. But it didn't feel right, it was too squishy. 

This summer I ordered an Adonit Jot Fine Point stylus. No squishy ball at the end. It took some getting used to but I've grown to love it. I take notes in Penultimate in meetings and even in church. 

My paper stumbling block has been my integration form that I use with teachers.  I tried to insert it as a picture in Penultimate and write over it but that was painful. The picture would move every time I touched it. 

Today I discovered that you can create custom paper in Penultimate. First you need a picture in your camera roll. Then you tap the papers icon, then the plus sign and choose the photo. And SHAAAABAAAM! Custom paper!! 
my original form & my new custom paper 

My next step is to move my calendar to Penultimate. My calendar is much like my pens. I'm kinda obsessed with it. I make it myself. But today I also bought a 99 cent paper pack in Penultimate - Time & Tasks. The pack has a calendar page that looks like mine. I'm going to give it a try. I'll report back. 

my calendar & calendar paper 

What are you doing to go paperless?

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  1. I'm doing the same - and LOVING it!

    Although I didn't see that you could create your own paper!

    (And if you are a premium Evernote user, you have access to all of their paper for free - that's way cool!)


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