Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who are we serving?

Do we serve others or ourselves?
"Was I seeking good or just seeking attention?" - Elphaba Wicked

This morning I read a very thought provoking blog post by my friend Carrie Ross. In the post Carrie talks about why she doesn't self promote. You can read the post here

Carrie's post spurred a conversation on Twitter about self promotion and stepping on people's toes. I love it when things like that happen! 

I have written about my WHY before. My WHY is to serve. I work hard to make that the basis of everything I do. Who am I serving by doing this?

At school I serve my teachers. I make sure they have the technology they need and that they feel comfortable using it. I serve my students by serving their teachers. 

I want to be a leader on my campus, my district, and my state. Why do I want to lead? So I can serve more teachers and impact more students. 

But does the quest to become a servant leader require self promotion? I'm starting to think it does. If I don't apply to present at conferences, how will I reach more teachers? If I don't tweet about my blog, how do I share what I'm doing and, hopefully, inspire other teachers? 

I'm not going to lie. I like recognition. I like to be recognized for my hard work. I love hearing from other teachers that they read my work and tried it in their classrooms. It makes me feel good when people call, text, tweet, or email to ask for my help. I want to be asked to speak to groups, to have the opportunity to share with teachers and help them grow.  I want to serve teachers because I believe all students deserve the best teacher. But recognition is not why I start anything. It's a side effect, not the goal. 

So, where is the line between sharing and self promotion? It's a fine line. It has a lot to do with your intentions, your motives. As for me, I'll work to keep my motives pure. Because in the end, it's all about relationships.  Keeping my WHY in mind will lead to meaningful relationships which will open doors and allow me to serve more.  

What are your thoughts on leadership and self promtion?

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