Thursday, October 3, 2013

Today was a great day!

Every morning I wake up, grab my phone and start learning. I first read the blogs I have sent to my Feedly app. Then I skim Zite. Imagine my surprise at seeing this
 There was the blog I started with my students right there in my Zite feed!  I had a minor freak out. I had to explain the whole thing to my husband but he was supportive. 

The kids also started getting comments last night and today thanks to my Twitter peeps! 

When class started I plugged my iPad into the projector and started explaining Zite. Then I scrolled to their article and said "anything here look familiar?" Now it was their turn for a minor freak out. 

But I wasn't done yet. I pulled up the blog and asked what they noticed there. "We have comments!" 

We started reading the comments and more came in as we were reading! They were so excited! 

The cherry on top of our day was getting to show off to our District's Director of Student Services. She happened to be in the building, I heard her in the hall and called her into the room. We got to show her Zite and our blog. She asked the kids some great questions. I am really proud of them. 

You can check out their blog here
Our goal is to post every school day. I have 9 students so the topics will go in groups of 9. 

Our focus is to think thoughts not remember facts. I try to encourage them to not just give a list of events but to tell what they thought about those events and how it made them feel. It's a new skill but they're getting better! 

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