Monday, December 2, 2013

A new look, a new page and a project

I made this with Canva too...
Why yes, we do have a new look around here. Thanks for noticing! 

This was my impromptu Thanksgiving Break project.  As with most things I do, it was a winding road.  Daisy Marino asked me to be a teacher testimonial for her blog STAAR Techers  (you can read it here).  She mentioned that it would be posted to Twitter and Facebook on Sunday.  We started talking about Facebook and Daisy said: 
"we have so many teachers on facebook but not on twitter...shows them the possibilities of stuff they can do in their class. "
Which got me WHY is serving teachers.  Facebook might be a great place to reach some teachers.  I think I'll make a Plugged In Educator Facebook page.  So I did.  You can go "Like" it here:  So in that process, Facebook asks me for a cover photo.  

That lead me to Canva.  Canva is an online design site.  It's mostly free.  There are some very high quality photos that cost $1 to use.  I paid a dollar for the image above.  I was able to create the Facebook cover photo and download it.  I could do whatever I wanted with the image and download it for 24 hours. If I need to create something else with the image after 24 hours, I would pay the dollar again.  What a bargain!  Canva is in a closed beta (trial) right now but I have a few invites to share.  Email me at aimee (at) pluggedinedu (dot) com if you'd like one.  

I loved the image I made for Facebook so much that I decided to make it my new logo.  And I changed the blog color scheme to match.  I love how it looks and it was fun to do!

So there's the new look and a new page and here's the project:

As you know, I've hacked my Tech Apps class this year. My students are finishing up their first self directed project.  Their assignment was to solve a problem that is relevant to them.  They could not report on someone else's solution, they had to solve it themselves.  This week they are educating their classmates on their solutions.  They are going to reflect on their projects and post to their blog later this week.  

Two of my girls (actually they are the only girls) wanted to solve cyberbullying.  They choose to make a webpage.  They want anyone dealing with cyberbulling to have a safe place to get help.  If you are being bullied, you can post anomously and they will try to help. They have enlisted the help of our counselor in their efforts.  They also have plans to add anti-bullying resources.  Please take a few minutes to visit their site and share with your students if you'd like.

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