Friday, January 3, 2014

My 3 Words for 2014

Earlier this week, my friend Jennifer Hogan blogged about the 3 words that will guide her this year. Since last summer I have worked hard to stay focused on my WHY of SERVICE. After reading Jennifer's blog I thought it would be a great idea to focus on 3 words for this year. I chose 3 words that I can focus on in all areas of my life.

This one shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  I want to make sure that I am serving others.  I want to serve my family, my church, the teachers in my building and district, my PLN, and anyone who needs my help.  I do love to serve but when I'm stressed or tired, I get crumpy when somone asks me to help.  That's not their fault.  They are usually asking because I've offered my help.  They don't know that I'm tired or stressed.  I really want to work on serving with a happy heart no matter what else is going on.

I want to focus on creating this year.  I almost put 'creating things of value' but I rethought that.  If I create it, it has value to me. Even if I don't use it or it's not my best work, the process of creating is valuable. My main outlet for creation is writing.  I am really loving writing for Getting Smart and I plan to continue that. I've gotten more regular at writing this blog and that makes me happy.  I have written a couple of children's books but I'd like to write a non-fiction book.  I don't know about what, that's still knocking around in my head.  I am having a lot of fun creating with canva.  I wouldn't not have categorized myself as a graphics creator but I am really enjoying it!

I almost chose calm for my 3rd word but that seemed boring and didn't really encompass what I'm feeling here.  I want to be more relaxed about who I am.  I'm becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. I know you're not going to believe this but I'm a little high strung. I want to be more relaxed around my family and friends.  I pride myself on being a life long learner but sometimes I need some downtime to let my mind catch up and create.  I'm also looking forward to traveling more this year.  We already have a ski trip planned and a cruise may be in the works for my big birthday this summer.


  1. These are great, Aimee! I especially love Create! I have a personal blog to help me stay focused and motivated to create... it seems that I end up neglecting either personal or professional endeavors. Thus on of my words for 2014: Balance. Looking forward to hearing more from you in 2014!

  2. I love the idea behind this post, and I do believe I have the idea for my first blog of 2014. Thank you Aimee!


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