Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Legacy of Love

On Monday I will do something I've never done before, attend the funeral of a co-worker. Mrs. Cheryl Wharton passed away Thursday. Cheryl and I came to Sunnyvale at the same time.  She was an aide in the special education department.  Cheryl worked with special ed students her entire career, 22 in a previous district and 5 with us in Sunnyvale.  Cheryl was a funny lady. She ALWAYS participated in our spirit days and had a quick smile.

When we returned from Christmas break, Cheryl knew her time was short.  But she wanted to keep coming to work.  Because she loved her students.  She took ownership and responsibility for their education.  She loved her co-workers.  She loved her husband and daughter.  She loved her grandson fiercely.

Cheryl leaves behind a legacy of love.  

And that's my goal as well.  I want the students and teachers to know how much I love them.  To know how much I love doing my job for them.

Not all of us are touchy feely lovey dovey types. But you show your students you love them everyday in your own way.

When you stop what you're doing to really listen to them between classes.
When you ask about their outside activities.
When you show up to their outside activities.
When you call them on their crap in a loving way (this applies most in middle schools).
When you encourage their interests.
When you help them discover their passions.
When you share your passion with them.
When you make sure every kid can go on the field trip, even if it means paying yourself.
When you do this.
And a million other things you do every day without even thinking about it.

As we begin this month of love, let's consider our legacy of love.  And be purposeful about building it.

I am blessed to have known Cheryl Wharton and feel her legacy of love.

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