Monday, July 7, 2014

How ISTE is like Disney World

While I was at ISTE, my nieces and nephews were at Universal Studios.  I was hanging out in the Blogger's Cafe one day when I received a text from them and that got me thinking...

How ISTE is like Disney World

Long lines - I talked about this a bit in my previous post, Highs and Lows.  The convention center just did not seem to flow very well.  There were lines to get onto the escalators then lines to get to the next set of escalators to the next level.  Disney has long lines too but at least you can buy a fast pass at Disney ;)

Water - In both situations you need to drink lots of water.  It was hot and humid in Atlanta.  It's hot and humid in Orlando.  My hotel was close enough to not be on the shuttle route but not close enough to get to the convention center without being drenched with sweat (sorry, that's gross).  As you might imagine, the convention center has to be very large to accommodate so many attendees. You'll need water to stay hydrated inside and outside the convention center.

A Plan - To get the most out of both ISTE and Disney, you a plan.  At ISTE decide which sessions you'd like to attend, figure out where they are and if you can get from one to another in enough time.  Some sessions, like Ignite talks, have long lines take these into account when planning your schedule.  It's helpful to have a back up session in mind as well.  At Disney, map out what rides and attractions you want to see.  Planning a Disney route will keep you from back tracking or walking too much.

Friends - Everything is better with friends.  At ISTE make sure to plan times to hang out with friends. The Blogger's Cafe is great for this.  You can hang out in the Welcome Center to make new friends.  Make specific plans to meet up with your PLN friends, otherwise you'll be on the plane home and realize you didn't get to meet some people face to face.  At Disney, no one wants to ride alone.

Characters - Both places have it's fair share of characters.  At both places you'll find people chasing after these characters.  You might think this is strange or it might be right up your alley.  Either way do what works for you.  Just remember, at ISTE everyone is a human being.  Some are real and some are not so real.  Sit and talk to them.  See if you connect with them. Can you learn from them? Do they want to learn from you.

Photos - Don't get so caught up in the fun and excitement that you forget to take pictures.  Once you get home, you'll want something to look back on and remember the fun times.

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  1. Love this post! :) I like the comparison that you made.


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