Saturday, July 5, 2014

#ISTE2014 Highlights

Last week I was able to attend #ISTE14 in Atlanta.  The conference is HUGE! 16,000 educators gathered together to learn more about utilizing technology in education.  Here are some of my highlights and thoughts.

The overwhelming highlight of ISTE was hanging out with my friends Rafranz, Carrie and Kristy.  I was also thrilled to meet many members of my PLN in person.  People like RodneyDave, Jaime V, Allison, Drew, Krissy and Jayme L.  I was thrilled to meet Jenn from Plickers (my go to 1 iPad classroom app).  Kevin Honeycutt tweeted a picture of a keyboard that he'd like to give away. I was able to meet him and take the keyboard home to Brennan (Zac is enjoying it as well).  I did not take enough pictures...

Ignite sessions are 5 minute/20 slide sessions where 7-8 presenters get to share their passion with you.  I was so proud that my friend Rafranz Davis spoke this year.  Her talk is below. I also enjoyed Nicholas Provenzano's session.

On Monday, I did a poster session.  The topic was Tech Camp.  Poster sessions are like a science fair.  You set up your little booth and hope people stop by to visit.  I did not know what to expect as this was my first ISTE.  I was overwhelmed at the number of people who stopped by to talk to me.  As well as my awesome PLN who all came by, listened and applauded.  I spoke almost non-stop for my 2 hours.  About 350 people took business cards.  I was thrilled to share with so many people.  Here's a collage I made of my booth, my PLN and some pictures Carrie and Rafranz took of me.

I was thrilled to attend a session on SAMR from it's creator Ruben Puentedura.  He connected SAMR and the TPACK framework.  His slides are here.

Adam Bellow and Steve Dembo conducted a high energy session called Untangling the Web.  Lots of great ideas! Here is an educlipper board with the resources from the session

I have some other thoughts about ISTE that I'll share tomorrow.  Stay tuned....

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