Friday, January 9, 2015

What is Creativity?


I used to think that I wasn't creative.  I can not draw to save my life.  My children ask me to stop singing in the car.  My instrumental career screeched to a halt at the end of 6th grade.  I've always written but I have not always shared my writing so I didn't think of it as creative. I guess I've always thought creativity needed an audience.  Creativity had to equal art.

I've just finished listening to Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull.  The subtitle of the book is "Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration".  Catmull recalls the creation and life cycle of Pixar. He also talks about the Disney/Pixar merger.  I loved this book so much that I've ordered a hard copy (the danger of a bibliophile having -I have to have hard copies of my favorites).

I loved it when Catmull describes how they solve problems at Pixar.  They have a group called the 'brain trust' that meets to work out problems in stories.  But I really loved something Pixar did last year.  They needed to cut costs by 10%.  So they had a 'notes day'. Notes at Pixar is equal to feedback.  They turned to their people to help solve the problems they were facing.  And they had a plan to hear and implement the ideas that came as a result of notes day.

Of course, I thought of the problems of education. Wouldn't it be wonderful to gather educators together to try to solve the problems of education? I immediately thought of EdCamps.  I'm so please to be a part of the planning team for EdCamp Awesome.  I love to attend EdCamps.  Getting together with other passionate educators really lights my fire.  But I always struggle with the after.  How do we translate these awesome ideas back to our campus?

I'm written before about rejecting one size fits all solutions.  Every district is different.  Campuses within a district are different.   Creativity, Inc has me thinking more about this.  Could campuses benefit from 'notes days' to solve the challenges they face?  I think so.  I'd love to give it a try, that's for sure.

As for creativity, I'm starting to think of creativity in terms of creative problem solving as well as artistic endeavors.  I'd love to hear your thoughts in creativity.

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