Sunday, March 29, 2015

I {heart} Podcasts

My Podcast app is my most used app lately.  I love being able to learn on the go.  I love the quick access to stories.  I love podcasts!

What is a podcast?
You can subscribe to most podcast through iTunes.  However, there are some available on PodOmatic.

Still confused?  Watch this 2 minute tutorial from Ira Glass and his friend Mary

I listen to a wide a variety of podcasts.  Here are my favorites...

Favorite FAVORITES - much like middle schoolers like LIKE each other, 
I like LIKE these podcasts

Freakonomics - it is safe to say that I am obsessed with Freakonomics.  New episodes are posted each Wednesday night.  If I don't listen on Thursday, something is wrong.  I often re-listen to episodes.  I have read all 3 Freakonomics books.  I love this podcast so much that I donate monthly to WYNC where they are produced.  I have 2 shirts.  I made my family go to the University of Chicago (where Steven Levitt works) last summer so I could take a picture of myself on campus in my Freakonomics shirt.  Anyway, Freakonomics explores the hidden side of everything.  The podcast is hosted by Stephen Dubner with periodic appearances by Levitt.  You can subscribe to Freakonomics via iTunes here. 

Drive Time Devotionals - These 10 minute Bible devotionals are hosted by Pastor Tom Hallady from Saddleback Church in California.  My boys and I listen to them each morning on the way to school.  The whole week is posted on Sunday so you can double up if you miss a day.  You can subscribe via iTunes here.

Technlandia - Jon Samuelson anchors this podcast that has evolved considerably since it's beginnings.  It started out as a mainly Ed Tech podcast but now tackles a wide variety of educational issues.  There are several other hosts besides Jon and each brings an interesting perspective. Each episode is about 30 minutes once a week.  You can get Techlandia on PodOmatic here.

Classroom Questions - AJ Juliani and John Spencer host Classroom Questions.  They take about 15 minutes to answer real teacher's questions.  I enjoy their take on things like differentiation, making a difference and working a 40 hour week.  They also post resources on their website  They podcast 5 days a week.  You can subscribe via iTunes here. 

Personal Development
The 99U Podcast - The website 99U bills itself as "Insights on Making Things Happen".  It's geared towards creatives and entrepreneurs.  I enjoy hearing different perspectives of the problems we all face.  The podcasts are between 25-45 minutes.  They used to be about once a month but they haven't posted one since January.  But they are worth going back to listen to what's already there.  You can subscribe via iTunes here.  I'd also recommend their blog.

Office Hours - this is Daniel Pink's podcast.  He doesn't podcast regularly but when he does it is spectacular.  Most often he is interviewing someone one.  I always end up buying a book after an Office Hours episode.  And I learn a ton.  You can find episodes on iTunes here.

Great Stories
Serial - you may have already heard of Serial.  Sarah Koenig told the story of Adnan Syed who was convicted of murdering his former girlfriend Hae Min Lee.  It's addicting.  The story of Adnan is finished but there will be a second season with a topic to be determined.  Serial has to be listened to in order to make sense.  You can subscribe via iTunes here.

Reply All - billed as a 'podcast about the internet' but really they are excellent stories with the internet as a thread through them all.  They are about 30 minutes long and there's a new one every week.  I've learned a lot about the non-edu parts of the internet I knew nothing about.  I feel a bit like a hipster after I listen.  Reply All has an Explicit rating.  There are some F-bombs and assorted other cussing.  But it's not heavy, it's the cussing of young hipsters who do it because they can.  Don't let it scare you off the stories.  You can subscribe via iTunes here.

So, tell me, do you listen to podcasts?  Which are your favorites?
If you try out one of my favs, let me know how you liked it!