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Take your technology integration to a whole new level with a Plugged In Educator session.  I can do district wide, building or grade level sessions.  Below are some session ideas but I can customize a session for your specific needs.  Contact me at to discuss your needs.

Taking Technology Integration to the Next Level

Teachers are experts at using Bloom's Taxonomy to bring lessons to the next level.  Introduce them to the SAMR model of technology integration and watch them take technology integration to the next level.

Integrating Technology into a Purchased Curriculum

Has your district purchased curriculum that lacks high level technology projects?  Let me show your teachers how to transform that curriculum into a technology rich curriculum that will engage and excite your students.

Don't Re-Invent the Wheel

This small group session will lead teachers through transforming a current lesson into a technology rich lesson.  This session is most successful with elementary grade level groups or departments for middle and high school levels.  Teachers must bring a lesson with them!

Technology Use vs. Technology Integration

Are your teachers using technology or integrating technology?  In this hands on session, they'll find out the difference and have time to explore ways to integrate technology into their curriculum.

From Technology Applications to Integration

A session for district and building level decision makers!  Does your school rely on an 8th grade technology application course for the bulk of your technology instruction?  Would you like technology integrated through out the building?  Let me guide you through this important transition.

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